Creating lasting value and mastering organizational change

  • Working in close cooperation with our clients to develop and execute strategies and tactics for the digital age, both for existing and newly-formed businesses
  • Helping companies build their businesses by identifying growth opportunities and supporting them in improving their performance through innovation in products, services, processes, and business models
  • Supporting our clients in re-designing their organizations to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen their performance.
  • Going beyond lines and boxes to define decision rights, accountabilities, and new governance structures and mastering complexities for our clients

Customer & Sales Excellence

Helping our clients to grow faster than the market

  • Partnering with clients to discover and explore the beliefs, attitudes, and motivations that drive customer behavior throughout their purchase decision journey.
  • Translating insights about customers into concrete business ideas, products and services and, of course, profitable growth.
  • Helping our clients to make lasting improvements to the effectiveness of their sales force in a multi-channel world.
  • Transforming the way our clients sell their products and services, the channels they use, and the back-office operations that support these efforts.

Operational Excellence

Solving operational challenges today, to create growth and resilience tomorrow

  • Helping our clients to increase their productivity, powered by digital technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, and advanced analytics.
  • Identifying and capturing opportunities within the organization to manage ambitious growth objectives and reduce costs significantly – be it by reallocating resources or fully optimizing existing products and services.
  • Transforming organizations with LEAN management by creating a new way of working—setting up systems to drive continuous improvement and engaging employees to meet customer needs more effectively.
  • Finally, supporting our clients in building internal capabilities to improve enterprise efficiency and effectiveness through operational excellence.

Emerging Technologies & Digitalization

Building disruptive digital capacities, driving long-term innovation and groundbreaking engagement

  • Helping our clients to develop strategies for the digital age and to identify the opportunities and threats digital transformation will bring to their industries.
  • Discovering new opportunities with regard to customer needs, inventing breakthrough concepts, and making organizations more innovative and agile
  • Working together with clients, start ups and digital natives on emerging technologies to develop new ecosystems and build structures for speed and stability.
  • “Hard coding” digital into the DNA of our clients’ businesses to produce seamless customer experiences, streamlined services, and innovative new business models.
  • Finally, changing cultures to cultivate experimentation, and identify and engage the best digital talents

Transformation Management

Unlocking the full potential of our clients organizations

  • Working together with our clients to build and operate program and project-management functions to ensure superior execution and value delivery for large-scale transformation programs.
  • Taking over responsibility for programs and projects and delivering results that are objectively and externally measurable (in time, in budget and in quality).
  • Working on site with our clients to help them move beyond concepts and pilots—to achieve long-term improvements and measurable, bottom-line results.

Capability Building

Building capabilities to help our clients grow and sustain high-performing organizations

  • Working together with our clients and making change happen by following an agile model to ensure early momentum and realistic plans.
  • Helping our clients to improve team capabilities for employees across all levels in an increasingly digital world to ensure that mind-sets shift—and changes stick.
  • Identifying barriers to successful change and designing measures to achieving sustainable results.

Project Approach

Most projects run late and over budget.
Here’s how to do better.

Combining our proven program and project management methodologies with expert advice to ensure the successful execution of our clients’ transformation programs and deliver the expected results, in time, budget, and quality.

01. Analyse

Getting a detailed understanding of the problem and performance by using rigorous fact-based methodologies.

02. Strategize

Identifying improvement opportunities and setting objective targets to match or outperform the market.

03. Conceptualize

Linking top-down goals with bottom-up initiatives and setting clear roles and responsibilities for execution.

04. Deliver

Implementing initiatives, applying best practices and managing the expected progress across all workstreams.

05. Enhance

Reviewing year-over-year progress in the context of market developments and trends and making adjustments and improvements as necessary.